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How much would you pay for an uncracked blue dashboard? and others parts Gen I Brat

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Just curious what this board thinks of what I could get for the dash alone and for :


beautiful door panels even has the driver's panel "warm up warning" sticker looking REALLY nice.


near MINT ceiling liner


Solid blue seats -vinyl with the "star" pattern , not cloth


Very respectible blue carpet


71k engine and tranny


Solid doors


Very Very nice tailgate trim - not museum quality,but one of the best you're going to find.




Thanks for your opinions. I might add more later,more likely tomorrow....too tired now.

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Is that the dash out of that 80' brat we picked up awile ago? What is the rest of the interior out of?



No,that one was slightly cracked from Maine. It's still here though,Im pretty sure. That one had like 49K on the odometer. :eek: I did have a lot of that interior but some went. Still might have what you might need.


This is from the one I've got now. 71K :) Whole Brat from OK,then NM,then NJ for a couple of years,the here last year. Parked over dirt/grass :mad: at my mother inlaw's place.


I really don't want to give up on it though. Man,I just wish I had the parking stuff all sorted out and had an indoor space for even just one of the classics.


I'm in the exploratory stages of procuring space in an industrial bldg. somewhere. Andrew and I are looking to hook up. If the right place came up are are you looking for an indoor space to work with? PM me on that,or call. :)

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You'd think we'd just chip in at Charlie's instead of all this running around. :rolleyes: anyways .....:-\ Let me/us know if you have something to consider up your way,maybe closer to the middle of the state. We're concentrating on the I-91 area around No.Haven/Wallingford/Meriden , but plenty other places to consider.

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