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Lookie what we found..

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Looks rough Mike but if anybody could fix it that would be you. Go for it. Not like they come along every day! Glad I passed the info onto you. Hope it works out for you. If you need help moving it let me know.


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Hey guys, I know its been a long time since I have been on here. I have a full time job now that sucks cause I usually work 6 days a week, etc etc...




its a 71 FF1 4door. I could not tell what motor it had in it cause of the lack of light and excess of grease. All I know is that the car was sitting for 10 years, moved in the driveway (under its own power) then sat for another 10 years... Its got a dent in the back that isnt too bad...(from being backed into a pole apparently) Id say is plenty fixable... other than missing carpet pieces, damaged interoir door panels, and a different back seat, the car is pretty much complete. Has hub caps and some extra ff1 parts in the trunk. (air cleaners, starters, radiators, etc.)


THE THING THAT SCARES ME IS THE RUST. I see the usual spots like the bottom of the rear window, etc.. driver door has some icky rust. I wasnt able to access the passenger side to see how it compares... I wasnt able to get a good view underneath... So its really sorta a mystery as to how bad it is.


The guy thinks its worth $300 to him... I bet it could be taken for between $150-$200 if you haggled with the guy.


Steve, just so you know the hood seemed pretty clean, and this car was a runner when parked. (problems with front brakes apparently)


So long story short I don't know what to do here. Its a SMOG EXEMPT subaru, which, smog is REALLY what takes subarus off the road around here. On the other hand its just so much of a project I think it might be beyond my attention right now. If I didnt have my 77 stage 1 4x4 wagon I'd be all about it, but I'm kinda still leaning towards the wagon as a more important vehicle to me right now.


(In case you guys didnt know, I have 3 subarus right now and only 1 barely runs, so I DONT need more subaru projects.)


Does anyone want this car for restoration?



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If I had room Mike I would drag it home and sit on it until I could either start on it or find it a good home. Problem is that I already have my hands full with the 3 Sub's I have. Kind of why I passed the info about the car on to you. How about showing us those other pictures you took.

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