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Looking for machine shop for brake discs - South Seattle area

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I prefer to do my own disk brake jobs but i don't have the ability to machine the discs. I have used Les Schwab in the past and they do an excellent job but they charge $80 bucks to do the machining. I recently tried a local mom and pop auto parts place which only charged me about $25 but the quality was not as good (the surfac finish was rougher) and I suspect that this is now the reason I get an ever so slight vibration when I brake on the right front wheel and yes I did use Subaru OEM brake pads with the shims and grease.


If anyone knows of a good machine shop in the south seattle area or anywhere in Seattle that will do good job for less then $80 I would appreciate it.



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Or anywhere in Seattle for that matter. I do the same. I have new ones on the car now and the old ones in the garage. When the new ones are ready to be replaced, I'd like to swap them with the freshly machined old ones (assuming they meet spec).

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80 Bucks is high for resurfacing rotors.


Try like Napa, or Carquest. The ones down here do it.

35 bucks If I remember correctly

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