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03 Outback H6...whining from front diff area?

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All done.


Installed int the car and it drives great.


The one concern I have is the fluid filter.


The Original H6 trans had a bypass cap bolted on instead of the spin on filter. The Forrester case that I used had the threaded pipe installed for a filter.


In order to install the bypass cap from the H6, I would've needed to remove that threaded pipe for the filter, because that where the bypass bolt would go.


So I left the filter there. Problem is, the H6 exhaust hits the filter. At least the heatsheild for the CAT. So I hammered a dent in the heatshield. It doesn't touch now, but the filter is DIRECTLY over the Cat. I am a bit worried about heat.


I will have to remove the filter after a few days and inspect it for any signs of overheating.


Otherwise the "hybrid" H6/Forrester trans is working fine.

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