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A new member, with a 99 Outback

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Hey, nice to join this forum!



Subex aka SubaruXT6 aka John recommended I join :)


I'm quite happy to see that there's a good number of Subaru enthusiasts out there! Especially those who own the older generation of Subarus (80's and before).


My 1999 Outback isn't something too special, however, it is quite rare since it is the Limited trim level but with a 5-speed manual, which the Limited trim is no longer available with (the Limited trim now comes only with an automatic :( )


I have taken my Outback through SOME mud and a flood. Driving through a flood was more scary than fun to my own surprise.


Pics of said Legacy Outback here!






/\/\/\/\ BEWARE: HUGE PICS \/\/\/\/





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