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need help the Winchell wipers stoped working


looked at the fuse box no bad fusees


washer stop working at the same time


this would be on a 8 gl10 turbo






wiper moter?


hmm going to look in to it in the morning any help in the mean time would be grate

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You say the washer stopped working at the same time as well? Does the washer motor sound at all? If you run power directly to the washer pump, does it pump anything? How about running power directly to the wiper motor, does it do anything? I ask all this because if the washer pump works with direct power, and the wiper motor works with direct power, then it's the switch. Otherwise it's probably the motor. Since the washer quit working at the same time, I would lean toward the switch failing, or a wire getting grounded somewhere along the way. That would be where I would put my money given the info so far...

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