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Group Buy - HID kits

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For those who may be interested, I'm putting together a group buy for HID conversion kits. Normally, these things run $145 per kit for a basic set with regular ballasts and appropriate replacement bulbs. For most of us, that'll mean HID low beam and a compound Halogen high beam. If you want HID high and low with only the single bulb, there is a bixenon kit available that accomplishes this for you. That kit normally runs $180. For those with older cars with sealed beam headlights, I can get a glass replacement unit that will accept the HID bulbs, usually H4 type. Those generally run $98 per pair.


I get price breaks in lots of 10, so the more the merrier there. Shipping is likely to run about $20 or so for UPS. I'd also be willing to combine orders to help save on some shipping where necessary.

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