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EA81 intake manifold swapping

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I'd like to know the degree of difficulty in fitting a factory EA81 twin-carb intake manifold onto an EA81 engine that was originally single carb. By degree of difficulty, I mean will it line up and bolt on with minimal fuss or will some modifications be required. I'm not concerned about the other twin carburettor related stuff just yet (linkages etc), as long as the twin carb manifold fits I should be able to do the rest with some help.



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As far as I know, the manifold bolts up exactly the same. The only thing I don't know about is the EGR passage - if it has one or not.


SPFI manifold's from EA82's even bolt up. They are that similar. The dual carb manifold is no different - just built for two carbs instead of one. I've seen them installed on US market EA81 engines seemingly without difficulty.



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The manifold will be a direct bolt on except :


1.The bolts will need to be longer(or locktight studs into the block).

But if they are to long they will tighten to the head stud,tight feel-loose

in the middle.

2.The throttle rod anchors to the pass.(drivers-down under) intake


3.Manual choke cable,I use a bicycle cable and thumb shifter anchored to

the 4WD shifter.

4.Some minor tweeking of the throttle cable routing,depending on the length

of your cable.

5.Air box--unless you are lucky enough to have one.


And as for the EGR and EAI(exhaust air injection),well,you most likely won't

be lifting your hood for inspections anyway.


Enjoy... don't forget to shift between grins.

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