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Zaps not the only one who gets to have fun :)

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After plating my frame and repairing some damage near the steering gearbox, I felt confident enough to take the 4Runner out and get it dirty. Had a friend get ahold of me and invite me to the ORV park with him & his buddies.


We have had nothing but rain since the end of December, and this last weekend was our first real break of sunlight... made the ORV park real muddy, still alot of fun :)




There is a pretty nasty hill-climb that in the summer is usually tame, but when wet can break axles (other guy in our crew learned the hard way). I opted for the safe route since I had my girlfriends 11yr old with me :)





Here is our buddy Kurt, trying to get up a step... he's locked front & rear, and ended up snapping a birf in this spot.



Nobody was able to make it up that step. I tried, and so did a few jeeps after we were rolling out.



After the hill climb, I decided to try some new rock gardens they are putting in the park.





Crawling over rocks really sucks when you have 32psi in your tires, and they are gummed up with snotty & slippery mud.


Before the end of the day, we headed over to a crevasse that they are starting to fill with rock. Dry, its alot of fun... wet, its a mud-bath. Our buddy Kurt decided to go through a few times with his 38" swampers and churn it up real good for us :)






Then it was ready for me. I decided to run down the crevasse and let gravity help me :)




After I went down, i said "eff it!" and turned around, ran the entire crevasse back up :)






Was a dirty & fun day!! Now I have to compete with mud when it comes time to replace my shackles.... but I think it was worth it :grin:

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