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The wierdest thing happened to me when I changed my belts in my 2000 Outback. After about five minutes of driving, following the replacement of the belts, the car made an awfull groaning noise. I thought it could be the power stearing belt being loose so I tightened it. No luck!

I told my dad it sounds like a power stearing groan when you are low of fluid. Fluid was not low but actually overfull. Odd very odd. Started it up in the garage and noticed the fluid rise and was very frothy. Dad said that it must be sucking in air.

The hose on top of the pump had a little bit of oiliness but it didn't look too fresh. Wiggled it just a bit and ta da! No more groaning. Took the cheep factory hose clamp off and put a real one on. Fluid level went back to normal after a short time.

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