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Hey All here is the Completely New Baja Bumper we built over the weekend.......


it gave aproxamately 6 inches better aproach angle over a stock Bumper.....


it's not quite Done completely yet, we are hopefully going to finish today.....:)


I am fairly sure this Bumper can be built and will fit All 02-04 Vehicles......Possibly more.....???

This will be a sweet upgrade for anyone who wants to play in the woods...:)


Check these pics out and see what you think of it.....there will be more later tonite...


Thanks, John in Eugene


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Wow. Damn, my first impression is that it gives 6 inch better "approach angle" to the rear bumpers of other bohemoth vehicles.;)

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I'm ummmm speechless. are you planning on making a fill in panel so you can't see all of the ugly metal pieces that the stock (plastic) bumper hides? How about some better finished pics in better light....



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Well....We got it Done today....:)


Looks Very AWESOME.......


We mounted a Warn Winch inside the Bumper, and 6 inch Light's on it too.....


I can stuff up to a 4700 lb Warn in this bumper with no Issues......:)


We also installed a 3/16 thick Alum skid plate under the car that attaches to the bottom of the bumper and protects the entire motor area...


I need to verify mounting styly for the 00-04 Outbacks, but I am pretty sure this will bolt right up to one exactly as We did it to the 04 BAJA......


Look at these finished pics......Only thing Left is to paint it......




Looking into getting the entire thing Chromed.......:banana:


Later, John......


P.S. who wants theirs First....:D

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