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EA81 swap to 5 speed D/R?

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I've been trying to find something about this on here for a couple days now and i can't seem to find the thread i'm looking for so, my question is will a 5 speed off an EA82 fit an EA81? Adaptor plate? shaft coupling? Whats needed. I'm sure this has been covered before. Thanks for any help



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bellhousing bolts up. you will need to use an ea82 flywheel, and the ea81 bolts.


you will need to transfer the ignition timing marks from the ea81 flywheel to the ea82 flywheel for the odeg mark. the holes on the ea82 flywheel are larger, but the ea81 bolts will bolt it on. use the complete dual range trans with flywheel, clutch, and 2 pc driveshaft. you might have to transfer the trans mount from the 4spd onto the spd, i cant remember, you might just be able to use the ea82 mount as it is

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