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Bought a timing kit from these guys on Ebay and it just got here.

All the parts are there and plus it seems he added some extra hardware.


Have yet to install it, but it came with all the pulleys, a water pump, and a

timing belt :banana:

And it was cheaper than other competing sellers.


I'll update when I get it put in and have the car running.



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Normally I stay away from necroposting, but I think this will benefit future buyers and let you know which questions to ask:


I bought a kit from Mizumo including the cam seals and the GMB water pump. Delivery time was Ok, and this is what I got in the box:

- Aisin water pump (OEM? better than GMB, as far as I know)

- LYO (Lian Yu?) cam & crankshaft seals. These came inside the water pump box, meaning they may have been damaged/deformed during shipping. I'm not installing them so I'll never know

- Kabuki (NSK) tensioner , 40BD49DU bearing (can't find literature about it). I can confirm the lenght of the pivot bushing is too short (i.e. will prevent the tensioner from moving freely as it should)

- Kabuki (NTN) lower idler, 6005LU bearing (single row)

- (2) Kabuki (NTN) idlers, 6006LU bearing (single row)

- No-brand belt, marked EB 1172. The belt was loose inside the box and was bent at a tighter radius than desirable


I guess I'm satisfied with their service, but somewhat disenchanted with their packaging. The components are pretty much what I though I was ordering, except a better-than-expected water pump. Would buy from them again, but would ask them to be a bit more careful with packaging.

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