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My nice purchase on the "FWD" '95 Legacy L.

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Well, there are no AWD badges on her, she's dark red, and a good four door legacy.


5 speed manual.


Here's what I do and don't know...


the VIN and all vehicle codes show it as being (or should be) a FWD manual.


Well, it's not. It's an AWD 5 speed manual. One look under the car shows a driveline, diff, and some hardly-used-cherry-looking axles.


The engine is NOT the original EJ22E. It IS, however, a completely rebuilt EJ22. There are codes in yellow paint and stuff all over different parts of the engine. (manifold, timing belt covers, ect.) plus, it's TOO clean. Like, yeah, pressure washing with hot water is great, but this is clean in spots pressure washing wouldn't really get THAT clean.


anyhow, I got an AWD '95 Legacy in great condition (needs pads and a new clutch) for $3999, with 14% interest (I'm 19 and have no credit) on a three year, I'm paying $126 a month. With my insurance on full coverage, I pay $154. (road side + car renter's insurance)


So for $290 a month, I'm fully insured and owning a nice pimpin legacy. everything works, A/C, cruise (I love CC), the 80w tape deck, and has the tan velour interior. no power seats or sliding roof. no hood scoop or spoiler.


you know it's a REAL subaru when the genuine stock factory deck half works.

None of the bottom buttons work, nothing lights up, but tuning, volume, and equilizing options work. ;)


Anyhow, any way to tell if it's a crate engine or if it was rebuilt from parts?


Runs strong, need a good clutch to really test it. Idles at 700RPM strong! (cold or warm) gotta love getting away from carbs...

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Congrats on the new wheels Jon. All the best with it...hey it's a Soob, how could it NOT be anything but the best.


Sounds like you got a good deal on it. Ahhh, to be young again...Keep up with those payments and don't charge up those credit cards and, in a few years, you'll be in better credit/financial shape than guys TWICE your age.


Congrats again. Drive it in good health.


- Ed

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'97 was the last year for FWD. I was reading an article on it from a subaru guru. (he could be wrong)


Something interesting is that it is not a crate engine, it is a rebuilt EJ22. But I don't know *what* model. Originally, it came with an EJ22e, but I don't know what's in there now. And don't the EJ20 heads bolt right on to EJ22 block? Is it possible it could have been rebuilt with EJ20 heads?


It runs great, and idles real strong, (clutch is bad though) and exhaust sounds good (but I know the first cat is bad, chunks flying around make noise when you rev high) and there are no leaks. Interior is good, all of the dash and paneling is in good condition, as well as the exterior has no apparent dents or scratches.


I think I got a pretty good deal on a good car. I'm a little upset that I need to replace the clutch sometime soon, but I think if I baby it I can get at LEAST another couple of months.

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