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i have a 93 legacy. the key switch or starter switch has been giving us troubles for a few months. i told my wife to jiggle the key to start it. that worked for awhile. now we have had to remove the steering column cover and press on the back of the switch and turn and jiggle the key to make the switch work.


anyway i finally got a new switch. but i cant figure out how to get the old switch out. this is one of the tilt away columns. it may have some of those funky no head screws in it someplace. but i cant see them. do i have to remove the steering wheel to get up on top of the switch from inside the column to remove those screws? i don't want to mess up and set off the air bag. if i cant get this my next approach is going to wire in a push button from the original wiring going ot the old switch.

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