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Automatic to D/R swap

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I have a 92 Loyale that I am fixing up for my daughter. Her birthday is this saturday and we are doing the automatic to D/R swap and then she is going to drive it home. This is the last thing we need to do for her to start driving it. My question is about the Neutral safety switch. I know that it has to be jumped in order to start the car and the last one I did the jumper was put in on the automatic selector harness in the console. That was an 86 GL. Am I going to be looking in the same place and which wires do I jump or is the harness going to call for a jumper somewhere else?


Thanks Guys


She is really looking forward to doing this and we are going to rip the automatic out Friday night. This is going to be her BIG gift for her birthday.



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Yeah, when we did mine, it was that same situation. i dont recall offhand which color wires they were off hand. I cut the plug off the AT selector and made a jumper that way rather than jamming a wire in the socket.

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