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EJ25 Timing Belt Tensioner busted ? (Pic)

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I just had my timing belt tensioner checked and compressed at the dealer.


When I went to pick it up he pointed to a damaged piece of the housing. He said 'he wasn't sure if it would held up'.


I looked at the tensioner's damage and ca not imagine that this will have any effect on the working of the tensioner.


However, I want to make sure......don't want the thing to die on me and wreck my engine.


So please take a look at the pics, and let me know what you think.....







You can see the damage on the top just left of the pin.

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That little knick shouldn't hurt anything.

But be sure the bolt looks fresh and a-ok.

Mine snapped and trashed my valves.

(on my way home after buying car)!:mad:



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