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That is what i was referring to. It looks like the rear end of a Subaru on a custom buggy.


because of the lack of rear drive components, i would say it's probably a trailer.


brat vs. hatch debate... really? they're subarus. none of them are optimal for what we do with them...:rolleyes:


moving onto that other thing sitting in front of the trailer, your plan is to use the outputs for the justy CV's and run them to that pair of diffs in the front and rear?




1. why is it so small?

2. how do you plan on making it so the car doesn't try to drive itself... into itself...? (diff directions...?)

3. you going to make it capable of turning?

4. think that little justy trans can take the beating of larger tires?

5. where do you plan on sitting in this midget mobile?

6. what's with the air tank?


i think that's enough for now...

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the air tank is for an air starter since it dont have a battery : D. he can steer it with an e brake cable to each side tires. hes gonna mount an old school spring steel tractor seat on the rear rear diff. haha idk im just jabbn

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