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Over the Easter Weekend my Brat decided to take out all it's issues out on me all at once. Evap Canister, Starter, possibly the EGR valve.


Sent off for a starter from a junk yard and received the wrong type. The guy thought I wasn't correct in saying I had an 81. Did a Vin check and it came up as I stated but he said the starter he sent me (direct drive) was the one for the engine. I sent him the numbers off the old starter and now it's the waiting game.


In the meantime I would like to find out if there is a way to determine if the engine is or is not the original. Anyone know how to go about that, if it's possible?

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If its a 1.8, they should be all the same.

The earlier 1.6 had the starter on top of the bellhousing and might be different.

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