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bill hincher

W series Toyota trans adaptors

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lets have some fun >;o)

one of your fearless members asked me about a bellhousing to mate the Sub engine to a purely RWD unit, preferably the Toyota W series transmission, I thought it was a neet idea

the only trouble was is that my main man mellow65 lived a cool 1500 miles away from me, so he sent me some material in the mail



the first thing I did was to square the rear of the housing so i could set it on its back and get my centers


then I cleaned out the center section so I could indicate my centers


this one number is critical to the datum lines



then I could cut down the rear of the housing to the right length for the input shaft




after all that, a datum plate had to be built to hold everything in place while building the pattern, the bolt pattern is built into this datum plate and a center locater is placed in it


the existing belhousing is bolted to the datum plate


then a center dowel is placed off the datum


then the front plate removed from a W 58 Toyota trans is attached to the center


and that gives you a roughed in sketch to work with to build a pattern


the next step is to build the back plate on the bellhousing


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I'm assuming there were supposed to be pictures in here somewhere... I'm all for a purely RWD trans option! What did the W-series come in originally?

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yeah, I can see the pics on both of my computers


the W 55 through 59 series Toyota trans came on everything from a 4wd toyota truck to a 2 wd Supra, they came on everything

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Im excited to see these completed, I can't wait to drop a hopped up 2.2 or 2.5/2.2 Hybrid into my '85 Yota, then maybe I'll have a lot more interest working on it :rolleyes:


I think this is a great piece of work you are creating!



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I want to use a married toyota transfer case for a lifted subaru. Sami cases are weak, and 720's are getting hard to find........and the whole deal is longer than a married unit.


Crawler kit in the T-case and 4.44 LSD difs front and rear.

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Hmmmm, it seems that PeerBlocker doesn't like your website.


after my brother-in-laws 4th wife left him , I tried to explain to him


It's not them, it's you! >;o)

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sorry about the late reply, yes, I been puttering with my little Sub project.

I build a variety of housings and ship around the world and get a bit distracted

This is for the T 56 to the narrow block 4G63 Mits engine


This fits the R 154 to either the wide block or the narrow block or the EVO's Mits engine



sometimes I can dream, sometimes I can invent and sometimes I can build, but it dont work like an assembly line, sucsess is usually a series of small failures >;o)

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after the bellhousing was measured and cut down to size, the back of the new housing was squared with the front of the housing




then the new trans facing was put into place and indexed to the proper angle




the facing was ancored and the lower skirt was decided on for the proper drafting while casting






then each panel is cut out and replaced to build a conforming justure from the front of the housing to the trans mounting surface



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Hot diggity dog, this is looking promising...

I can't wait until I can run an AE86 with an EJ engine :eek::banana:




Ive seen a few pics of a AE86 running a EJ :)

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I cut out the clutch controls and the starter bagage, then reconsruted it to size




there are two trans bolt patterns fit into the trans facing, one is for the W series Toyota trans, the other is for the R series Toyota trans, that way it will offer more selection for what you want to do


I like to build a little cleaner looking sides and improve the draft lines for the casting shop


its important to visualize when reconstructing the starter pocket, that this will shrink by 1% in all directions , so this pattern must be adjusted to a larger size then expected


I am going to leave the clutch controls alone until I assemble the whole unit and test the throw out bearing operation, the measurements are just too critical at this point to make a mistake



the trans bolt pattern is not traced out for looks, I build a wide bolt flange landing before the bellhousing walls are built as a guide, I need to know the bolt pattern before I can add structure gussets from the side wall down to the trans face plate


looks like this bellhousing is tired of all the surgury >;o)


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I went out and bought a Sub core motor for mock up








I built a rotisary to be able to move the engine in any position and make adjustments as the build proceeds




I mounted up an R 150 Toyota trans to check input shaft length and some cenetering, it looks like it is coming along nicely




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This is awesome!!! Are you going to be selling these?


kinda the idea, yea, once I get done building them:)


depending on the throw out bearing the cost should be in the mid $300.00 range


the design hopes to use all Sub hardware , like clutch fork, pivot ball and slave cylinder flywheel. starter and pressure plate with just a Toyota disc to finish the build

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