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2000 Ford Taurus Wagon: Fuel pump help

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Car: 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon, V6, 135,000 mi


Symptoms: No fuel pressure at the fuel rail, fuel gauge does not work(pre-existing)


Scenario: By buddy gave me a call to rescue him after his car ran out of gas(fuel gauge stuck on F). we added about a gallon of gas and got the car to start and make it to the gas station. There was no fuel pressure until adding the gas, and the car started when i was checking for spark.


Several hours later, he called me again saying the car broke down again, after 30 dollars in fuel and 25 miles of driving. No pressure at the fuel rail once again. From what i know, the car drove fine and had no issues up until the gas station scenario.


my questions are:

Is the fuel pump accessible from a panel inside the car, or does the tank have to come out?


Where is the fuel pump located, and does it have the special ford clips requiring the tool?


How much is the car worth to sell as is with no fuel pump to someone who woud fix it?


I have a general idea what is invilved, but i have no experience working on this model of car outside of a p/s belt.

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I can help alittle


On some ford models there is a valve that can be tripped in the trunk area. A fuel safety cutoff switch. He might want to check that out first. As far as what they are worth honestly not much. I dont know what a 2000 taurus wagon would bring there but here with non running condition and over 100k probally 500 to 700 bucks.


But you know the age old advice about not running your car out of gas. I would say the fuel pump is probally done with over 100k on it and running it out of fuel.


Fuel pump is at the top of the tank. So its a drain and drop job. Worth it if the car ran good and looks good but not if its a pile of s***. Like mine.


Oh and while you have the tank and pump out, check the float in there to make sure its opperating properly so he has a working gas gauge when its doen.

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Dropping the tank on those is pretty easy, I believe there are just two bolts that hold the straps under the tank, and the fill hose is removed from the gas cap area, should drop right down.



Once you've lowered the tank around 6" to a foot you'll have to remove the fuel lines, power wire and the evap hose.


once thats out there is a big brass ring that you beat out with a hammer, (like the rear wheel bearing retainer)


fuel pump pops out and new one goes in and bob's your uncle.


would have been easier on an empty tank though :rolleyes:




Oh, I'm 99% sure there isn't an access port in the trunk/back seat, but no harm in pulling up the carpet to double check.

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