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Seattle area emissions guru

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I keep getting asked this enough times that I thought I'd post up here:


This guy is an independent state certified emissions specialist. He's managed to get every beater I've brought to him to pass for his minimum rate. He had a "if you don't pass, you don't pay policy" and I think that's still in force. Too many shops out there get you to spend the $150 minimum (or more) without a clue as to whether it will really solve your emissions issues (and then sign a paper allowing you to get a waiver if it doesn't pass). His most difficult job was on my '84 Brat with a weber and Delta torque cam. It took him four tries, but it went through on the 4th try; still only cost me $45 plus tax at the time.


Here's the information:


Certified Mobile Services, Inc.

Warren Dyson, Owner

3900 6th Ave. South

Seattle, WA


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