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Ok so the economy is bad, and i dont have alot of free money now. The problem is that my 2005 Dodge Caravan is starting to have transmission problems. Nothing to bad but its starting to clunk into gear pretty good. I dont have a spare 3 grand to replace the transmission if it goes. So, i was thinking about tradeing it in on something else but when dodge went down the crapper so did my vans value. Now i would be upside down pretty good if i tried to do this but for me it would be worth it as long as the vehicle i was getting lasted me for the next 10 years and i didnt need to worry about the drivetrain. Here inlies the problem. Would you guys hang on to the one i have which i have 3 years to pay on still. Or get something else for another 6 to maybe even 7 years worth of payments. I know it sounds crazy but i just want 1 vehicle i dont need to worry about to much. I thought the van was it but that dodge transmission finally bit me in the butt.


Any ideas would be great.


Thanks Ben

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get rid of it while it still drives ASAP. take your minimal loss. Its worth more now than it will be when the trans is totally toast and the vehicle no longer moves. When it gets that point, quite soon, days, weeks, etc its worth scrap.

trade it, get something that rates high on reliability consumer reports long term testing. probably not a Dodge, I dont think anyone has had succes in regards to the trans.

you can probably buy a older honda odyssey van, and drive it for 5 or 6 years and sell it for what you buy it for tomorrow. They hold their value, its already dropped to bottom, and they get good mileage and uber dependable.

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You could look for a Subaru Tribeca, but they are probably pretty rare around


I agree with Brent on this one though, a Honda Odyssey is probably your best

bet, maybe a Toyota Sienna.

But considering recent throttle issues, I would search for a cable driven

throttle, not a drive-by-wire.



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