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I originally posted this in off-topic before brilliantly remembering that THIS section of the forum exists... :rolleyes: so if it duplicates, I apologize (other one hasn't been approved by mods, so no foul so far)


It would appear I'm getting a new project. My brother-in-law needs some $$ and is selling me his '72 Super Beetle for a really good price. 1600cc, 4-speed, decent body (dinged and dented, but THERE and not rusty), good tranny, and an engine that needs minor work (a plug sleeve and minor exhaust work)... and I'm getting it for what rusty, engineless wrecks are going for around here.


And I'm not ruling out the possibility of it ending up with Subaru power either. ;)


Should have it in my garage by this coming friday, if all goes as planned.

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