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Joe horner

Spastic power door lock!

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I have an 89' XT. Recently, a couple of problems came up at the same time. The all the idiot lights on the dash will, at random, light up all at once. Also, when you flip the power lock button on the drivers door to lock, the passenger side lock flips back and forth rapidly to lock and unlock on it's own. It stops when you put the drivers lock back into unlock position. This door lock problem is not random, does this all the time, ignition on or off. Anyone have an idea? Help! Thanks!!



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Sounds like a bad alternator to me - the clue being all the idiot lights comming on - that is sometimes indicative of your voltage regulator inside the alternator going south. That's somewhere to start anyway - pull out a multimeter, and check your voltage when it acts up like this.



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