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Hello all

This board has a wealth of great info I have been reading it for a few days now.


Last week I purchased 1996 Subaru LSI SW AWD AUTO From a local Dealer In NYC with 56,401 on the clock. $6000 so no payments LOL

My wife did a carfax with great results one owner etc


They replaced the tires,wipers changed all fluids waxed etc. looks and drove great down to Florida.


I bought the Haynes manual


Tonight I installed A sony explode cd head

I need to tint, get new speakers,optima yellow top,

and maybe a small amp & woofer, and a loud horn


But I know I Have to change the front CV joint because there is a clicking noise when I make a right tight turn so I just Might replace both side axel's It could save a lot of TIME.


Also time for some tranny ajustment (ie) clean the screen ajust bands etc. When we start to move the tranny gives us a kick @ 2000 rpms then it's smooth.

I was thinking of taking the car to a subaru dealer for the above.


THANKS this is my first Subaru.

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Welcome to the club. I hope you enjoy the new car and it gives you a lot of trouble free service. I guess you won't feel the real advantage of these vehicles have in the snow down in Florida but back in New York you should.


You should let the dealer look things over before just deciding to replace the CV joints though they may need it. They should be able to determine what is needed.

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