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I know the plug is different, but is it actually possible to rewire the tranny harness to have a phase 1 tranny (out of a 97 outback) work in a phase 2 car (99 Forester)? I'm not too worried about the ratios, I can swap the rear diff if need be. We have a delayed engagement tranny, tried fluid changes, changed the spin on filter, added transX, no improvement and it's now making ominous grindy-rattely noises in first and has a harsh 2-3 shift, with rpm flare if you punch the throttle at 30mph, then WHAMo it grabs 3rd.


The car was $400, we fixed the wiring harness across the radiator support that was butchered by a body shop so the car actually shuts down when you turn the key off and the ABS works again. We replaced the timing belt, water pump, and idlers because the cogged tooth idler had been run busted so long the hub had a flat spot worn in it and a fair notch was ground out of the oil pump bypass.


It leaks oil and coolant out the headgaskets, oil out the valvecover, and oil out the rear oil separator, but it runs good and is a nice car for the $700 that's in it. It's just the tranny is on a downward spiral and needs to be swapped, the cheaper the better. I can get phase 1 trannys easily, phase 2's not so much. People want too much money for them, and most of the 99's and 00's are ticking time bombs for the delayed engagement.


If it's too complex we'll just chuck a 5mt in there.

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I'd be curious to know if anyone has tried and had luck with this. (With diagram/photos posted as well, of course.) I would be too hesitant to try on my own. My 99 OBS is at the 130k mark soon and I wonder about the trans. Very infrequent, but the past couple years it has experienced upshift that is a hard one. Probably 8 months since the last time it did it.



Luckily, I have a spare 00 AT sitting around and waiting. It was working when I pulled it from a wreck, so hopefully it is good to go when the time comes to drop it in.

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the phase 2 auto trans, most of which have a trans code number starting with TZ1A4Z..... have more wires in the wire harness and a different connector. but more importantly it has more of what appears to be speed sensors. they look just like the rear speed sensor mounted in the transfer housing. i do not know what the extra sensors are for but they are there. so until you can figure out hoe to give the TCU the extra ''signals" the phase 1 will not work.


i wonder if a phase 2 trans would work in a phase 1 car.??

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