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Yunick hot vapor engine

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I just had my memory jarred by a recent issue of HOt ROD magazine. Smokey Yunick died while I still lived in Florida (not far from his shop) .While they were having a big garage sale of performance parts , the newspaper mentioned they would not sell his 80mpg Ford aspire with a hot vapor engine. The new issue of hot rod has an article on a hot vapor fiero a guy put back together. It makes 1.8hp / ci and gets 60mpg. Basically it heats the intake charge until it is 450 deg f entering the cylinder. Actually too hot to cause engine destroying detonation. Anyone trying something like this or just heard about it?

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there was a local here that did a very similar engine a few years back....the engine went well once it was up to operating temperature got around 90mpg in a 4runner....it had two downsides....one it couldn't be driven until it was up to full operating temperature which took about 15-20 mins from a cold start...second downside was the fact that it had to use funny coolant that didn't boil and a lubricating oil normally used in a gas turbine due to the high temperatures that the engine was run at

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