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Hi guys . I REALLY need some input on what can be the problem on my so spark issue.


Car is a 91 Subaru Legacy SS. It has an EJ20G swap on stock harness and the stock 22t ecu. (not to confuse but the car has had the swap for a while and ran). This whole issue started by me shorting something out. What i was doing was moving my ignitor from under the tmic, and accidently touched the positive terminal on the starter motor. Saw a big spark. So i KNEW i blew a fuse. Went to start the car, and sure enough it doesnt. It cranks and cranks but no spark @ the coil pack. (yes the car is still wasted spark, not coil on plug)


So far this is what i've troubleshot: I've swapped out off my other turbo leg the coil pack, the knock sensor, the cam sensor, the ecu. I've checked all my fuses in the main box under the hood, and in the kick panel inside. They are all good. I'm gonna pull all the fuses off my other car and replace them just for good measure. I'm also gonna probably swap the crank sensor too.


So can/will anyone help?! I'm stumped, and would like to make it out to WCSS today or tomorrow. Thanks in advance.


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thanks guys, yeah i fixed it. The new ignitor didnt help. I believe it was one of the sbf-2 fuses, even though it checked out on my multimeter. :confused: Anyway, i DO appreciate you guys chiming in, and being so helpful. I will now be a regular on here as well. :banana:

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