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and hey!!! what about EURO STYLE RALLYCROSS in NJ THIS WEEKEND??!!!!

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Geez ,where have I been? Thanks to my son for telling me about **** EUROPEAN STYLE R/X ***** Travis Pastrana and the gang coming. NJMP in Milleville ,NJ


We MIGHT go but really can't be sure. Sunday is the main event day. Might try to make it.


There'll be 3 events here on our coast and 3 on "their coast". For you east coast folks the later dates are in Oct. and Nov.


No time to add links now - use Google.


Cheers! ....I'm doing my joker lap right now :lol::banana::eek:

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my spelling sucks sometime ,eh!

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Noooooobody went to this ???


Please , please , please don't make me go over to the NAUSIAC site to hear about it.... please....:rolleyes:

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