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Celebrating my Subie's 25 Year Anniversary! ~ The "Thank You!" Thread ;)

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This year my Family and I celebrate


my Subie's 25 Year Anniversary!


My Dad teached me Mechanics since I was a Very Young Child... I Started Learnin' in my 1969 Mercury Comet Coupe, which by the way, reached 40 Years in my Family last Year... You can see Pics & info of it, ~► Here.

My Dad Purchased The Subaru Wagon New from a Dealer in Hollywood, CA (USA) in 1985 and the Subie Came Runnin' from there to my Country... I Can't imagine any Better Way to Break New an Engine!  :)


Some Old Pictures that I've Scanned:







In this old Pictures, The Front Rims came from a Subaru XT and the Rear Ones, which are much Wider; came from a Renault. (Cheviot Brand ~ Made in France ~ 4X140) Actually I Changed all those for a complete Set of Newer Rims, by changin' the Lug Pattern.  :D


The Odometer is About to Reach 300,000 Miles without Changin' Almost anything inside the Engine, except: Head Gaskets (a Couple of Times), Valve's Seals, the Heads themselves, and the Oil Pump so far... But Outside the Engine I've installed a Weber Carb, plus a Different vacuum advance on the Disty and it has a Free Flow Exhaust, plus Lots of Changes in the Rest of the Car... 







Here you can See it Parked next to my Other Wagon


(The 2.7 wagon, now wrecked)




I have been in this site since Year 2001, So I am Reaching this year 25 Years of Being a Huge Subaru Fan, and almost 10 Years to be in this Great Club! ... :banana: ... I Must say that I've Learned Many of my Subie Repairs Here, without this Amazing Club I would done many Mistakes ... Also I've Shared my Own Ideas & Experiences on How to do Many Repairs and to do some Improvements to our Beloved Old School Subarus, Posting my Writeups Full of Pics & Detailed info in the ~► USRM





During this Time and with the Kind Help of other USMB Members, I Compiled a Database of All Subarus made & Prototypes, which can be Viewed ~► Here, where you can Find Rare Models like this one:




Rare Options, like a Digital Dashboard's Buttons, like the ones in this Pic:




Or the Complete List of Subaru Prototypes, with Pics & info:


And More Strange & Weird Subaru Stuff! ... :) ... Like the Subaru "Royale






which is a Stretched XT6  ... Please visit that Thread for Further Details & info.




So the Purpose of This Thread is to Say:


Thank you So Much to all of You here, in USMB;


for being Always So Kind & Helpful!




Kind Regards.


►Edited to Update the Links and add the Tags for the New USMB Search System.

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I can say you are welcome, but really, you should thank subaru, and your cars in particular.


On a side note, here in Texas, when MY car turns 25, I get to give it the gift of "safety only" inspection, (no smog check), gut it's mostly clogged cat, and a nice pat on the roof :banana::banana:

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Another year Passed By, Lots of Things Changed...

I Haven't Scanned more Old Pics of my subie due in part of the Lack of Time and also I've been feelin' a Li'l Depressed, since the wreck happened to my 2.7 wagon, as you can read
~► Here.

Now this 2011 my 1985 Weberized wagon Reached 26 Years old and all of those Being Part of my Familiy.  :)

I've been working on my Weberized Wagon doin' lots of Changes; Some of them could be Considered "Redneck" and other "Ricer" Stuff but I'm Buildin' Somehow the Best subaru I Can from parts of the Two... I Mean I'm taking the Best Stuff from my Wrecked 2.7 Wagon, and installing those in this EA82 one...

Now my Former White Wagon, the Weberized EA82 is Painted in Yellow with Black stripes, Different Tone and Scheme than my 2.7 Wagon, as you can see in the Following thread:
~► Here.

Also, the Undercarriage is Covered with Special
Anti-Gravel Paint, No Rust at All.

Also I Did the 4Runner Suspension Swap. (More info
~► Here.)


And the Rear Disc Brake Swap (More info ~► Here.)

Now I Just Received a New carb Adaptor, the Trans-Dapt 2107 to Fit better the Weber Carb to the intake, So I'll Work the next Weekend modifying my Subie's intake.

Wish me Luck!
Kind Regards.

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Great stuff! I like your style. Tnakks to you for sharing your wonderful stuff.


I have been using a product called NAPA Stone Guard. It comes in 16 oz aerosol cans, and had a rubbery texture that has some bounce. It must be a similar product. I like it very well inside the wheel arches and along the rocker sills.

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Thanks for your Kind Words. :)

About This:


...a New Adaptor, the Trans-Dapt 2107 to Fit better the Weber Carb to the intake, So I'll Work the next Weekend on my Subie's intake...

I've Done that already, I Modified the intake a bit too... Check this Thread, from Post Nº 2 for mo' info.


Kind Regards.


► Edited to Update the Link.

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This Thread continues Here:


~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/122276-the-bumble-beast/


Because since I took parts from my Wrecked 2.7 wagon to Transform this,


My former white Weberized Wagon has been Renamed as:


"The BumbleBeast"


Please feel free to review and Post in That Thread.


Kind Regards.


► Edited to Update the Links.




Thread Closed.

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