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My Wifes New Wheeler

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So I picked this car up from Markjw a last thursday it was in kinda tough shape, but I was able to limp it home to Mount Vernon from the Yelm area, its was a little skechy but I made it. It had a Blown HG and some rust issues, but with a little work it looks a little different now!!






and here is the After!!!!




I'll try and get a better shot tomorrow....................



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Looks good. Please do post up some better pic's. I wanna tease my brother in law with them. He literally dumped that thing in my yard about 4 months ago 'cause he didn't wanna do the HG work. I even offered to help him do the repairs.


I bought that thing in Seattle about three yrs ago. Got it for a dime 'cause the kid that had it was told by a shop that the HG's were shot. It ran warm, but nothing too bad. And, everything worked. I sold it to my BIL for the same money a week or so after I got it. He put 40K miles on it With the blown HG's.


I'm disappointed he gave up on it as easily as he did. Especially with the relatively low miles. Yeah, it looks good, Jeff. If anybody could breath new life into a abandoned wagon, that'd certainly be you. :grin:

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Yes, everything looks like a nice fit. How about a little more build spec.

Lifted? tire size, looked likes Maxx?? tires, tire size. Did you have to do a head gasket? Total bomb can count for paint or was it shot with a paint gun.

Lookin Walker Ready for sure, What do most you use for tow points front and

rear? Is the OME front hooks OK, and what about out back?

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The Specs on the car are----

2" front 2 1/4 rear (JAW Lift) cut at 17*

Carbed EA81 5 speed D/R

27x8.50x14 Maxxis Bighorns

10 Cans of Gloss black $.96 Walmart paint

1 can of Silver

I had an EA81 laying around so I just threw it in there

total cost into the car so far


$24.96 it pays to be a horder :grin::lol:











then there was little set back, where I seemed to have forgot to tighten the lug nuts, luckly it happened on the trail and not on the road, another lesson for myself.................:-\ My wife was a little bit worried that we would not be able to get it off the trail but I had an extra hub and yohn had a stock spare.




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I'm simply amazed...This is the best build thread ever. I thought I had a knack for getting it done for little or nothing. You Jeff, are on a whole different level. I love it.


BTW. That Rack started life as a Bumper Buddy, hanging on the back of a '98 TJ I used to run around in.

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