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Looking to find some pins on my ECU plug to finish off my manual conversion. I have FSMs for USDM legacies 1996 and 1999 but the ECU plugs are very different to mine.


Mine has a single plug three rows of pins, as opposed to the ones I have found, which all have a single plug with four rows or multiple plugs....


Has anyone got any wiring diagrams or pinouts for such a connector?


The engine/car is a '95 JDM legacy with the standard EJ25 DOHC.

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Ah, don't worry, I'm confusing my self between the ABS and engine computers!


However, I still can't find the pin for the MT/AT identification (MTs have it grounded, ATs do not) or the neutral switch for MT -- mine is hte three plug version, and none of the FSMs I have show these pins for a three plug ecu. Any ideas?

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I have searched high and low and cannot find a wiring diagram or ECU pinout that matches mine.....


My ECU has three yellow connectors going to it, all with two rows of conectors. The largest has 26 connectors in total, the others have 22 and 16 pins.


Any ideas? I presume if other engines have the same plugs, the pinous will be the same (or at least very similar).

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