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1993 Legacy 5spd Polishing starter solenoid contacts, photos

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The solenoid has been clicking loud and clear when trying to start the car, plenty of voltage at the solenoid terminal but the engine failed to turn over after several tries. Removed the starter, all work from above, 17MM lower nut, 14MM upper bolt to inspect the solenoid plunger and contacts.


The plunger had some pits and some corrosion see photos , these are copper contacts, the two terminals had visible wear, the big one had more wear on one end, decided to sand paper smooth and polish see photos, reassembled, engine started immediately. Did not tighten the contact bolts too tight to allow them to float and align themselves some with every plunge.


Will write back if the fix fails to give immediate starts the next 6 months (ending in May 2011).

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