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Guess what the BAJA hauled home?

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and a few hours later in the garage IMGA1276.jpg?t=1291946409

after a few hours i have this.



ah those will go on my 94SS when its due someday, new tensioner, idlers etc.


closed deck crosshatching, plastic separator plate :-\

box of trash?


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Looks like the aluminium seperator plate of the early 22's - the plastic one's are black.




GD no.

fisrt gen yellow plastic cover



plans for its already split wating for my payment and sold.

thse were only made for 91-94 and they only made abotu 1500 of these cars that had ej22t, with the piston squirters (these squirters on this block were all where they were suppsed to be not in the pan like other tails of this)

already 3 people here stopped by and said "wow that has no wear after 194k miles) And another estimated it at 25k miles lol i lol'd at him and told him about this engine mileage at 194k. Someday these blocks will go for 3g a block....cheers

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My head flew. Things are looking good. :grin: Exceedingly clean. Then there may have been remachining done some K miles ago and this lil heart will beat forever. almost

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