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Naw, this one can stay mostly stock looking, and yes, we can get those things here.


guess that idea didn't pan out :) looks very sharp. love the jdm tails and rs hood. i'm installing some jdm tail lights on my legacy wagon tomorrow. they really clean things up.

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I like all of the clear lights. I tried to resist the wing forever, but it just kept being for sale and the price kept dropping, and then I talked the junk yard down even more. Sold the other two deck lids to pay for it.


By stock looking, I meant the front bumper. And I will most likely stay stock with it. I scored those silver covers and projectors from Japan. Should look pretty cool when in, different anyways, and not so gaudy as some of the open mouthed bumpers with the huge fogs. Just gotta get off my can and install the lights.



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