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So, my 98 Impreza OBS 5MT with about 190k was invloved in a drive way accident last weekend and resulted in a bended hood and some other front end damages.


On Monday, my roommate and I were fiddling around with it and it cranked right up. Then it was sitting until today.


I went out and started it and made sure it ran for a couple minutes, then I turn it off and went back to the house. About an hour later I went back out, clean off some snow and try to start it again.


This time it cough (sounds like it caugh but once I release the key it died) the first time. After that, it will crank all day (well, more like 5 mins) and won't catch.


Do you guys have any ideas?


Thanks so much!

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Pull the codes with a scanner. If you don't have one, disconnect the battery for a couple of hours. Put the battery on a charger to make sure it's fully charged and then hook it back up.

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