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Front brake questions

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Ok, got most of my questions answered by doing a search - LOTS of great info found - BUT


Would like opinions on either cleaning up what I have, or replacing....


car is 88 GL d/r 5 spd wagon - got the front calipers off and took a good look at the the pistons, pads and rotors.


Pads on the passenger side are nearly brand new but have gouges from the rotor on the inner pad, rotor is pretty rough looking, and the piston face is very rusty, with the rubber seal around it looking pretty weak.


Drivers side - inner pad nearly gone and gouged up, outer pad about half, rotor and piston in same condition as pass side...


This car has sat idle for roughly two years - used a good soaking of PB blaster to get the caliper bolts loose - we are trying to get this car road worthy as soon as possible.

Would I be further ahead to go ahead and replace the calipers and rotors, or do you think we can get away with just turning the rotors?? Anyone have specs for the rotor minimum thickness??


Thanks in advance gang :D

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well you have a couple options....

1. You can go find better calipers from another car or buy new ones from a parts house.


2. You can rebuild the calipers yourself BUT is a big pain in the rump roast



Some of the pros and cons of the two choices


The first is the easiest if you buy new calipers but sometimes it can get pretty spendy. If you were to buy used ones off of a j/y car, they could have the same problem as the ones currently on there. The second choice can be cheaper in terms of money BUT not in terms of time. It takes a lot of time to get them perfect and even the rebuild kits can be a little spendy (less than a caliper but not really worth it)


If I were you, I'd go buy some remand calipers, easy and the fastest to get and put back on. Just my $.02:D

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Thanks for the reply Noah and Caboobaroo...


We are proably going to just replace the calipers - not cheap, but way cheaper than an accident would be! :D


Will be checking the rotor thickness and go from there - probably replace them just to be on the safe side - along with new pads and flex lines & we should be in goood shape.


Again, thanks for the info! It is appreciated.

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