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'89 Ford Probe!

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I recently swapped the motor and tranny out of my 92 Mazda 626 into my 89 Ford Probe. I now have the probe put together and driving with just a few little things left. One odd thing is that when I pump my brakes, each time I pump it the pedal goes farther down. Usually, if anything, the brakes have air in them and are the opposite, with the pedal coming up farther each time. Anyone have an idea why it does this?



And the other thing is that if I have the idle speed control solenoid plugged in, the solenoid just goes wide open and the car tries to run around 3-4k. Then the computer realizes something is not right and uses fuel cuts to bring it back down, it will eventually slow down and just go between 900-1300, again cutting the fuel to slow it down and the ISC speeding it up. I know the solenoid is not stuck because when I unplugged it the idle is like it should be. I'm hoping this problem will go away as I put some miles on it, but any ideas on what is causing would be appreciated!

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