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car stereo wiring 101

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Did a search for this but didn't come up with anything. I need some help from those of you who have wired a tape deck in an ea81 car.


I got a tape deck that I want to put in but I have no idea how to do it. I took out my old radio and all the speakers (only one of the speakers worked anyways). Now what do I do? Are there any special tools I need for the install? I figure I'll need two new front speakers (what size?) and the two new back ones.


I don't need anything that is super good sounding, I just want to be able to listen to some music while I drive. So can someone give me some step buy step instructions?

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A volt meter or test light will do wonders for figuring this out.


For a stereo install you usually have to find ground, constant power and switched power. Constant power comes from the circuit that the hazards, horn and clock for example run on. So with the key in the off position dig around in the radio harness looking for a wire that has juice....and then switch the key on and look for one that has juice when the car is on. See?


Once you have juice then you figure out what pair of wires goes to what speakers. I highly recommend running new wires to the speakers and leaving the existing speakers and wiring intact if possible. Then when you move onto the next car you are able to take your goodies with you if you want.

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me personally on all the stereo's i installed <lots> i went from the fuse box and found one that said acc <accesorie> <sp i know is wrong>

and there should be one marked batt


hook up the memory wire <if it has one> to the batt terminal <with a inline fuse>

and there should be a power on,turn on, or some other kind of on wire <look in the book for the radio or on the unit itself for a wiring diagram> or even the internet

but hook that one up to the acc terminal so the radio comes on when the key is turned halfway


or if you like you can run bolth wires to the batt terminal and be able to turn the radio on and off independantly


find a nice metal dash piece scuff it up with sandpaper or steel wool and use a self tapping sheet metal screw to run your ground


since your replacing the door spkeakers write down what color the wire is that you attache to the left and right + and - terminals and duplicate it on the radio end kinda like


<speaker side> L+ green to L+ green white stripe <radio side>

R- blue to R- blue white strip

so on and so fourth


need anymore help i got msn or yahoo


don't forget inline fuses

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