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Subaru Shirts/Hoodies HUGE SALE! Free Shipping!

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Detroit Motor Apparel is having a sale on our apparel! Get all t-shirts for 16.99 or less, and when you spend over $50.00, get free shipping!


We have a stock of Subaru t-shirts that we are not aloud to sell online anymore due to copyright infringements, if anyone on the forum would like to purchase one of these already made shirts or hoodies, please shoot us an email at cs@detroitmotorapparel.com and let us know what shirt/hoodie and size you were interested in.


This post will be edited with the sizing and color options that are left shortly.



iRally Subaru T-Shirt 14.00 + Shipping



Got Dirt Subaru Rally T-Shirt

Available in Black and Grey

14.00 + Shipping




AWDFTW Subaru T-Shirt

15.00 + Shipping

Colors: Blue, Black, White, Grey



iRally Hooded Zip Up Sweatshirt: Blue

Price: $25.00 + Shipping



AWDFTW Subaru Zip Up Sweatshirt: Blue

Price: $25.00 + Shipping




AWDFTW Black Subaru Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt

Price: $25.00 + Shipping



Got Dirt? Rally Subaru Hoodie

Price: $25.00 + Shipping


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