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For some parts (throttle cable) OEM is better

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Did my throttle cable today, I used a cable ordered from Crapa, they got it the very next day. $8.70 w/tax. Now I know why it was such a great deal.


The little solder dingies were such a pain in the arse to install at either end, They were slightly too big to go into the fixed side. I finally got them in there with a lot of muskle (intentionally misspelled) and squeezing with the pliers.


Also, the plastic tab that snaps into the firewall was also too big and I had to file the hole a hair bigger with my pliers in a parking lot.


Got it in though, but it should of taken me 30-40 minutes instead of 1 hour.


The subie oem part costs not much more (~$15) but likely worth it for the lack of aggravation.


My take,



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Glad you got it fixed! The first time I took one out of a car it was for a spare for Austin. Well, I had a little help from someone (not Austin by the way) getting it out and they decided that since I was having a little trouble seeing if the tabs were on the top and bottom or on the sides, he would just break the other side of it that holds it tight to the firewall. Now can anyone tell me what good a throttle cable that is broken does someone? Especially since it doesn't hold itself in place with that plastic thing broken. Anyway, I do understand the frustration and at least you know what to do different next time.

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