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cant get the door apart on an 81 brat

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Hey, I recently bought some window glass from Moosens(who is an excellent person to do business with!) and could not figure out how to get the door apart to get it in. On other car doors that I've disassembled there is usually a screw on the window crank so you can remove the crank and get the door panel off. I cant see where this window crank has any of that, and i dont want to break anything by trying to pry it off...help?



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I've removed many 100's of handles on all assorted cars. They all have a "c" clip on the backside you need to grab it from the back side and slide it off.


screws? on what?




or it could be reversed like this:






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12 hours ago, NuclearDeLorean said:

After the window crank is removed, does the door card lift off?

one hell of an old thread but yeah, there's those snap on tabs that always break to disengage from the metal door itself, and the doorcard lifts up holding it at a 10 degree angle away from the door.

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So today my little rod broke off (the nut snapped) and now my outer door handle has nothing attached, leaving me to reach inside to open from the ...inside. I have since seen what I need to do, but having a hard time getting the rod back onto the door handle. Any disassembly instructions? I hope I don’t need to remove the glass. Thank you!








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