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Harness grounds.Where are they?

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Theres so many codes flashing, can it just be a ground for the harness?

This 1988 gl-10 has had a long history of electrical problems. Plush with auto tranny{replaced} I`ts too nice to scrap and it ran great before it broke a few years ago.

When I got it the gal handed me repair reciepts to the tune of 5 grand. Strong blue tranny, turbo,sunroof ,perfect interior.Money pit.

The intermintent symptom was best discribed as a bad starter.

Believe me its not the starter or the cabels .The symptom has dissappeared with a fresh battery,but always comes back.

The codes are crank angle sensor11,temp sensor21,fuel injectors14,15.MPFI

Ok, so the check engine light was on and neglected.The car did heat up climbing Little Cottonwoon Canyon to ski Alta.It would idle-cool down and be fine,so maybe I fried the sensor.

Ok,it acted like a bad starter.Just keep clicking and it will eventually start.After clicking for one hour,sure it fired but thats when what appeard to be a fuel problem happened. It would idle and rev but not drive.maybe I fried the injectors with all that clicking.

Over the years It would only idle not rev.I called a professional ,he put a direct line to the fuel pump from the battery. Now it wont even Idle.

The pump still hums in a nice intermintent pattern with the key"on".and pumps fuel to the spider.

Where are the ground wires for these wiring harnesses?

All help and wise cracks are welcome. For $650 I got a year out it. Not my money pit,I may cut my losses,and scrap,but of the 23 Subarus I`ve had this is the nicest.

Dan,Colorado 9120ft

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i believe there is one coming off the driverside head to where the battery is, 1 coming off the middle of the block to the firewall, and one coming off the passenger sie head into the passenger side frame rail. there is also one by the driverside injectors, i think.


the temp sensor is common to go out and could cause the bad idle. i have that problem 2x. it is located behind the plenum on the block. cheap and easy fix.


your injector problem and crank sensor could be water if youve washed your engine recently, or if the rubber coating over the injector has dry rotted condensation will get in there. that to has happened to me. i filled the plugs(where the wires are) with rtv and havent had anymore problems.

as far as it not cranking, if you are sure its not the starter, wires, or relay, i would guess its the ign switch.

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