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82 to 87 bumper swap?

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I need to replace the front bumper on my 87 brat that I recently picked up. The front end is smashed up and the bumper needs to be replaced. All three local yards near me have plenty of chrome bumpers from the 82s but not a single plastic one from the other EA81 years. Anyway, the 82 seems to attach to the body totally different than the one on my car. Mine has two bolts on each side connecting the bumper brackets to the frame. The chrome ones look to have one bolt and the brackets look welded on. Is there an easy way to swap an 82 bumper onto the 87 Brat? I kind of like the chrome look anyway.



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I think you might have to pull the chrome one off at the junkyard and compare it bolt by bolt to know for sure. I too like the chrome look better. Ive got a chrome rear bumper I am thinking of installing on my 87, which is a direct swap. You will need those side panels that come with the chrome ones but you knew that.

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