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Need help with my passing light

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I just recently bought a 1982 Brat that has a NON-working 3rd eye passing light. I was investigating the problem and found that the both the light and door open when hooked directly to a 12V source. After reinstalling the light in the grille, I did some research and located the relay under the hood. What I am missing however is the switch on the dash. There was clearly a switch there at some point, but it is no longer there. As far as I can tell right now, all I need to get this working is the switch. I looked up underneath the dash and found a 3 pronged female connector in the vicinity of where the switch should be. Can someone tell me if these are the correct wires? Does the original passing light switch have 3 terminals? Has anyone tried to connect a generic switch to it? Any information would be helpful.



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Here is a picture of one:






There is a light in the switch unit. The lower terminal and the terminal on our right (top) one show a closed circuit when I test it, with the switch in in or out position. This must go to the light.


The terminal on our left (upper) an open circuit with the lower terminal when the switch is out, and a closed circuit with the lower one when the switch is in.


You could do this with a regular on/off switch.


<humor on> As you can see, the switch is as big around as a soda can.



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