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I just want confirmation that the diff ratio on a 98 legacy GT auto is 4.44.

I know on the outback it is, and I think the outback and GT get the same tranny stuff both auto and manual... just need a confirmation.

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the only difference in the outback and GT auto trans is the speedo gears. diff ratio is 4.44.


and maybe the shift points in the TCU, but that's not in the trans so it doesn't count.


off topic:

it's funny how different forums lean in different directions. some want to lower everything and some want to lift. some want larger tires and some want to turbo. and no one wants smaller tires.


but if you put smaller tires on your outback, like a 205/55/16 GT tire or the 15 inch equivalent (195/65/15 or 215/60/15), you will effectively make your car ''quicker'', sportier, like a GT. and you will lose about 5/8 inch in height.

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I'm actually running a size small on my GT because I got the tires for $20 and I can mount/balance for free...


Thanks for the diff ratio info! Exactly what I wanted to hear, and I like the confirmation that the outback is also 4.44. I was 99.9% sure on that, but it was an added little non-question question :)

Selling someone a diff and don't want to screw 'em!


I have some fun swappyness in store for this car :)

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