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I have access to seatbelt material...

How do I restring/replace a Front Passenger Seatbelt..

I attempted to take the bolts out and found out the winding mechanism got locked up after frustrated work got it back in place but still need to replace the belt..I called a dealer and they wanted $550....to much for me...

any help?

Thank You

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You should post in the appropriate forum - like New Generation forum. Shop talk is for tools, etc and doesn't get much traffic. A mod might move it for you to the approrpriate forum.


what is wrong with yours? Subaru warranties seat belts for like forever...guys with mid-90's subarus are still getting belts replaced for free by subaru.


get a used one, i rebuilt my H6 with the fancy rocket ship explosive, one time use seat belts that needed replaced. i dont' remember how much they were but it wasn't that expensive. probably why the car was totalled and i got to buy it cheap.:lol: call yards and check ebay.


there's one on ebay for $12 but it's the wrong side.


car-parts.com has a zillion for $25 and $30.


these guys have one for $60 in Kansas City, MO 1-800-448-4198


there are places that do it for $69 on ebay, rebuild yours for you, so it can't be that hard.

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