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No Alibi 2011 Rally

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A truly great event. Great weather for the weekend and the most fantastic roads I've ever seen on day one. Just a perfect event for someone to get into TSD rallying. No traps, excellent instructions and a truly enjoyable drive on some phenomenal roads. If you weren't there, you missed a great one.

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Another great event from RASC. It started out a bit ominous for us since the

alternator gave out on the trip from Bothell to Moses Lake. Installed the spare

from my parts box and all was good. I have to add that rally folks are great.

When I mentioned that the alternator failed, Jason Stokes replied without

hesitation, "If it fits, want to borrow my spare?"


Day one was fantastic. Some of the best roads I've ever seen. Washington has

some great countryside (certainly better than the east coast where we spent most

of our years rallying), but Rallymaster Dan Comden found the cream of the crop in the

SE portion of the state. An unusual weekend (for this year) of no rain and

sunny weather was just icing on the cake. The route for the last two hours of

Day 1 heading down into Lewiston was indescribably beautiful.


Just an aside on the event. I know a little about laying out an event like this

(no, I don't plan on doing this again anytime soon; too many people out here

more competent than I ever was), but the behind the scenes organization was

incredible. Take a 300+ mile route with a minimal number of checkpoint workers

and manage to put around 30 checkpoints along the route takes thought and

planning; it certainly doesn't happen by accident. Add to this, the ability to

score the day and post provisional results within two hours or so of the last

car arriving at the overnight stop is nothing short of astounding.


Day two heading back to Moses Lake was not quite as exciting running more in the

flat-lands than in the hills. But the speeds were a little brisker to make up

for that. Then after the event, the BBQ was excellent and the results and awards

handed out in plenty of time for the trip home in daylight. We opted out of

that in favor of another evening in beautiful downtown Moses Lake and a

leisurely trip home on Monday.


Official description and results:

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