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2002 Forester S 5-speed - my 6th Subaru

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I recently traded in my '02 Outback automatic with 140k for an '02 Forester with 98.k. For me - the manual transmission is the way to go. Although the Outback ran perfectly - I missed driving a manual and it's great in the Forester. The engine is capable of staying in 5th gear on my frequent travels through hilly terrain. What got me searching again is when I was looking for a car recently for my son - that's a '95 Legacy S with the 2.2 engine - 150k and running fine. If I didn't find that particular Forester I would have kept the Outback for years. Bought it at 49k in 2005, only replaced tires and brakes, and recently the timing belt that was overdue.

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